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Knicks and Nuggets have a deal

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Mavs' assistant Del Harris on FOX Sports radio 1190 in Dallas a moment ago said that a trade is about complete between Denver and the New York Knicks.
Del said that the Knicks were sending Marcus Camby and the #7 pick to the Nuggets for Antonio McDyess and the #17 pick. This would be a deal that has happened in that 24 hour period before the draft when trades can not be announced. Denver does not now officially have the 17th pick although it was rumored to be going to them from Washington, who got it from the New Orleans Hornets yesterday for Courtney Alexander, for James Posey. This would give Denver the 5th, and 7th picks in the lottery to go with #25 and #33. A point guard was mentioned as going to Denver also but no name was attached. Charlie Ward, Howard Eisley, or Mark Jackson would all work to balance out the salaries involved
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