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Knicks Draft: How it went....

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I have to give it to Layden, in all seriousness, he has started the rebuilding process for New York with one trade. If Frank Williams stays consistent, he is a franchise PG, and we all know what Antonio McDyess can do. Trading Camby was smart, all he was was injury plagued, and Jackson is getting old.

Kurt Thomas as the starting Center really won't hurt too bad, because the Eastern Conference and Centers don't mix well. Spreewell is still good, and Houston IS VERY INCONSISTENT, but I personally fell the Playoffs could be in there favor this year. I would like to say getting Michael Olowokandi in Free Agency seems like a pipe dream, but if they offer the big bucks (which they don't have) Kandi may bite.

I feel this starting lineup can be good:


Add Kandi to the team, Kurt Thomas is a great backup, and makes the bench better. That's another thing they have to work on, is the bench. I do not see any viable bench players who can help them right now. Shandon Anderson is OK, same for Harrington, and I can't remember who else there is.

Down the road, trading Hilario may hurt them. He has the chance to be the best PF out of all those drafted, and even a chance to be the best player. His lacking of English would've caused some miscommunication, but doesn't New York already have that problem?:uhoh:

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