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THE NEW YORK KNICKS 2002-2003 season preview

After a horrendous year, 30-52, the knicks needed change. They had a roster full of slow and overpaid veterans. Allan Houston for one, Mark Jackson, Eisley, and Weatherspoon. They ended the year knowing that they needed change. FIRST STEP: NBA Draft.

Going in i thought they would pick Wilcox or Jefferies. But, Scott Bin Layden, the most hated Knick in recent memory pulled off the unthinkable. Instead of drafting the "future McDyess" in Wilcox, they rolled the dice (pun intended) on the real thing. The reason i feel they rolled the dice, is the fact that McDyess is coming off of major surgery of both knees. Also they picked up the 25th pick which turned out to be Frank Williams (who in my mind will be a fine player). In addition to that they unloaded papyrus thin Marcus Camby, and Grandpa Jackson. All in all they had a great draft. Grade A.


PG : Eisley/Ward/Williams

How can your floor leader(s) be in a platoon. Being a point guard myself, i know that consistency is required by your coach. To acheive this consistency, you must have consistent minutes, which is not the case in a platoon. Chaney must figure out a way to find a starting PG out of this hideous crop. Perrenial Knick optimistic prediction---Williams stars during training camp and wins coaches approval as well as Knick fans hearts.

SG : Houston

100 million dollars. 6 years. 20.4 ppg. 77 games played. If my calculations are correct that amounts to 10,615 dollars per point. Houston is soft and is inconfident on the floor. You have a deadly jumpshot and great free-throw shooting ability. Why dont you just pumpfake a J, frive in and draw a foul. You will score 30 points a game. Perrenial Knick optimistic prediction---HOustonfalls out of bed, bumps his head and says "im gonna drive to the basket". Houston comes second in the NBA in scoring.

SF : Sprewell

Sprewell has been the subject of many rumors circulating throughout NY. Be it for Szczerbiak or Big Dog, we just dont know. I think that sprewell must be traded for the fact that he is a small forward and is 6'5" and weighs in at a measly 190 lbs. Yes he has turned into the soul of the knicks but times have changed. Perrenial Knick optimistic prediction--- Sprewell gets traded for Szczerbiak and we now have grown 2 inches and gained 45 lbs. YES!!!

PF : McDyess

Enough said. We dont know if he will maintain his 42 inch vert or his gazelle like running ability. But he will hold his own in the west and will DOMINATE in the east. Perrenial Knick optimistic prediction---McDyess 25 pts 12 rebs.

C : Thomas

This will get ugly. A 6'9" center, who never amounted to anything. Who doesnt have any type of hardware what so ever.Unless we sign a big man in James or Nesterovic. This will be the ugliest thing that will happen to the knicks this whole year. ( Worse than that 50 million dollar luxury tax which we can afford to pay ten times over) Perrenial Knick optimistic prediction---We sign james and he ets 12 pts 10 brds.
Signed, Tim

PS This post was more of an info editorial but i will give you more interesting debatable type stories.

please repost in the new editorial forum. Put it in the Knicks folder. Thanks. truebluefan
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