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June 24, 2002

By the way, the Knicks also have a second-round pick, and if they go international in the draft, it won't be with their cherished lottery selection.
Holding the 36th overall pick, Knick GM Scott Layden is eyeing 6-6 shooting guard Predrag Savovic of Croatia as one of the players they hope fall to them, according to sources.

The 26-year-old Savovic, who played three years at the University of Hawaii, shot lights out during his Knicks' workout last month against Dajuan Wagner. Unfortunately, Savovic may have raised his stock from second-rounder to late first-round by an excellent showing at the Chicago pre-draft camp 21/2 weeks ago.

Savovic would be a perfect draft complement if the Knicks get power forward Chris Wilcox with their No. 7 pick. That should happen if the Nuggets select Italian League center Nikoloz Tskitishvili at five. However, No. 9 Phoenix is talking to No. 6 Cleveland about swapping picks and possibly taking Wilcox.

Rock Newman, Wilcox' advisor, says he's been on the phone with the Knicks daily.

"The last two weeks I feel I'm married more to the Knicks than my wife," said Newman, who's hoping the Knicks can trade up and snatch Wilcox if they need to.

If the Knicks go with Wagner, Layden assuredly is going big in the second round and likes Arkansas State 7-foot center Jason Jennings, who worked out for them last week.


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Savovic?? Another shooting guard??? I hope he can shoot from the No.12 seat on the bench.
Unless Spree gets pink-slipped... which from what I'm hearing could be entirely possible (to the Bucks for Big Dog).

They better nab Wilcox..... or I'll personally ***** slap Layden n Co.
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