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Krause: "He's our best player and a future all-star"

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"I feel I can average 20 points a game"
that player

"When you look at his athletic ability and jump shot, it's not hard to imagine him averaging 24, 25 points a game one day."
Fred Hoiberg on that player

These quotes stand out clearly in my mind from the beginning of the season and they were all about Eddie Robinson. Assuming they were legit, why would the Bulls back off of his talent instead of helping him through his injury and then getting him back on track?
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Big contracts do sit

If ERob can't crack our top 8 man rotation, he would not be the first big contract player in this boat.

Rice did not get much time in NY, Croshare (and now Mercer) in Indiana, Cato in Houston (at least now with Ming), Brent Price ($4M per) in Sacremento, and lots of others. Take your pick on the Trailblazers bench.

EROB will need to earn his time. In some ways, Krause might try to get the guys that are not signed long term (e.g. Hassel) additional minutes to see what they have and keep them happy.
Originally posted by gettinbranded

The emphasis is on winning NOW. Krause was talking playoffs with last seasons team, whats he going to go after with Rose and more vets this coming season?

Again, he wants to get those kids some playoff lovin' early in their career to help their development, but also to cement the idea that it's a team that can do some damage if it stays togather.

You won't see mistake prone players get a lot of playing time to work the kinks out, and Krause won't be going after high draft picks again. The players that Krause has want to win, and they won't tolerate an environment that doesn't allow them to do that.
I know we're gunning for the playoffs, but we still don't know who exactly are the mistake-prone players are as every player except Jalen had fought inconsistencies thru the season, which is why I think Bill's going to bounce around with whomever he's feeling on a certain night, and it might just hover around my averages. I also factored in how much time they want to give early on to guys who might be hot trade bait come the trading deadline (Jamal, Eddie, Marcus), even though I'd prefer Jerry keep the chemistry tight.
Originally posted by NCBullsFan
Thanks MBSH!

I just don't get it with ERob. I just don't get it.

I remember ScottMay over at RealGM arguing once that ERob has worse ball handling and passing skills than many 4s, most 3s, and practically every 2. And he is right.

He also has a funny shot that probably will never extend out to the 3-point line, and with his mediocre ball handling, he really can't slash to the hoop either. How in the world does such a player score 20-25 points a game? Even if he is an amazing athlete.

And we don't even expect him to be a great defensive player either. I just don't get it. Maybe as a player to add some excitement, ERob made sense last year, but this year we have plenty of reasons to be excited. Unless ERob works and becomes a great defensive player, I really can't see how he will be a more important contributor than Hassell who plays strong defense and can hit an open shot. For ERob to be effective, the offense will to some extent need to be run through him, which I can't imagine happening.

I just wish that I could imagine how ERob could be a good player. Even if he becomes fully healthy, I have a very hard time seeing it.
If Fizer gets traded, which has been inevitable for the last 2 years, anyone think Eddie could thrive in a Darius Milesy role playing some Power Forward and some Small Forward ? They have the same athleticism and frame, except that Darius has handles.
Hey Gang,

I just finally got over here to check this place out. It looks like you folks have got some good basketball conversations going! So, without any further adieu let me chime in anc give my two cents worth.

Krause said not too long ago that he "can't wait for E-Rob to get back to playing shape...then teh team can really get rolling". I also read somewhere the other day that Krause intends to start E-Rob at the sf spot and move Rose to off guard. I don't know if JWill will start over JC or not, thats a tough call since JC IS familiar with the offense and starting to come into his own and JWill is a fabulous player in his own right. I'm thinking that even if E-Rob is healthy he isn't likely to see over 30mpg, so Rose will move back to sf for at least 18mpg or so, thats 18mpg that either Crawford can slide over to the two or Hassell can see some minutes. Make no mistake, the Bulls will be shortening rotations. It probably won't start out like that the first month of the season or so because they will want a look at the new acquisitions, both free agents and draft picks, but after that I would expect the Bulls to settle into a steady 9-10 man rotation only using the other 5-6 players in the case of injury or a particular matchup that BC wants to exploit. Here is how I see things shaping up roster wise so far:

c-Curry 35mpg (if he can keep out of foul trouble)/Free agent, possibly Scott Williams? 10mpg/Bagaric 3mpg (for experience sake)

pf-Chandler 35mpg (again if he can stay out of foul trouble), Fizer 13mpg/FA Scott Williams

sf-E-Rob 28mpg, Rose 15mpg, draft pick Prince? 6mpg

sg- Rose 30mpg, Hassell 15mpg, Hoiberg 3mpg

pg-Crawford 24mpg, JWill 24mpg, free agent back up.

We will likely have some players that we pick up in the second round or free agency that will see very little or no time unless there are injuries (which always seem to happen)
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All of you guys that are saying Big contracts often sit on the bench are correct. However, all of the players that you named have proven to either suck or be a liability on the court. We payed E-Rob the big money and now we aren't even going to give him a chance to show if he's worth it?

E-Rob will start......

I was thinking about this the other day, and I think ERob at SG either defensively or especially offensively is really a stretch.

ERob is a 205 pound 6' 9" guy with incredible athletic ability and long arms, weak handles and passing skills, and limited range but a nice mid-range shot.

Such players typically are SF/PF players (Darius Miles, Jerome Wiliams, Antawn Jamison), but because we thought we had a hole at the SG position last year, we have always thought of ERob as a SG/SF. I think that is a mistake now that we have Hassell, a solid SG, and Crawford possibly working on becoming one. Rose also has the capability to back-up the SG position and Hoiberg is a SG as well. And Krause seems to be high on Jacobsen.

I see Rose best suited to SF both offensively and defensively (on most nights), but we do need a back-up SF (especially one who can guard bigger SFs) and we need depth at the PF position, especially if Fizer gets traded.

Why can't ERob develop into a nice back-up SF/PF?

He is 6' 9", which is an inch taller than Fizer. He supposedly has long arms. (If his wingspan is 7', then both his wingspan and height would be just one inch smaller than Gooden and Wilcox, both considered decently sized PFs.) He also is a great athlete, and I would think being a great athlete would buy him the ability to guard someone an inch or two bigger than he is.

But could ERob guard PFs? Could he become a better rebounder? I think so. If Peja or Hedo can back-up the PF position, an athlete like ERob should be able to do the same.

I think that becoming a better post defender and rebounder are just as possible as him developing the handles of a SG and the ability to guard SGs. Perhaps more importantly, developing his body and post-up defense to back-up the PF position also would make him a better defensive match-up for some of the big SFs that some teams have, such as Garnett, McGrady, Gasol, Skita, etc.

Another thing to think about. His quickness and mid-range shot could turn him into an explosive offensive option off the bench, if other teams try to play him with a traditional PF. I think he would be a much more effective scorer here than backing up the SG position, where he would have to develop a post-up game to take advantage of smaller SGs. We also could run teams into the ground with a Williams/Crawford/Rose/Robinson/Chandler combination.

Remember we're only looking at ERob at PF for maybe 10-20 mpg, usually matched up with the other team's second teamers. Also, he always would be matched up with a big center (Curry, a Chandler who will get bigger and bigger, or Bagaric), so we should always have plenty of size on the floor.

I would really like to hear what other folks think about this. Sometimes we get trapped into seeing a player in a particular way and don't consider other alternatives. (At least I do.) Playing SG was always going to be a stretch for ERob, no moreso than playing PF would be.

ERob does need a little more weight on his frame (he does not need to become Fizer) to pull this off. JYD is listed at 6'9" 206 pounds, Miles at 6'9" 210 pounds, Jamison 6'9" 223 pounds.

ERob could become a key component of this team at the SF/PF position. I could easily see him playing 30 mpg if Fizer was traded away. We will still need a veteran PF/C for the time being, but once Chandler and Curry are playing major minutes, Bagaric, Robinson, and maybe another young big man should be more than capable as back-ups.
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