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Kudos to Jeffries

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At the end of the college season, Jeffries was getting alot of heat about why he shouldn't have left, and there were so many reasons people gave. I have to admit I was skepticle of Jeffrie's early decision as well. People said he wasn't fast enough, people said he didn't have enough bulk, some people said he wasn't tall enough. Any critisism you could think of giving someone gave Jeffries.

But that has ended, Jeffries is pulling his own weight now. He is 6-11, 220 lbs, and has increased his speed and jumping abilities tremendously. he certanly goes in my list of most improved draft candidates.
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Im still NOT sold on Jeffries!:no:

I WANT Woods or Wagner in a Heat uni next season,luckily ALOT of mock drafts show both of them falling to the Heat at #10.:D
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