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Once the draft officially begins, you may use this thread to make your picks (but you should try PMing me on Flock first).

A reminder of the posted rules...

Draft round time limits:

1-2: 6 hours
3-6: 4 hours
7-10: 3 hours
11-12: 2 hours
13-15: 1 hour

If you do not think you will be able to be around to make a pick, you should PM me with a big board. If I do not have a board from you, we will wait until the time limit ends to make a pick for you. From that point forward, any time your pick comes up and you are not reachable in a fifteen minute window on Flock (or have a board in), your pick will immediately be autoed.

I have an auto pick big board that will be used any time it is needed. The best player on the board will be picked regardless of your team situation.

If you are concerned about certain players affecting your cap, you are welcome to send me a Do Not Draft list at any point.

You receive Bird rights for any player you draft.
Always make sure to check your picks before you make them (aka Don't make picks out of order and then have another team take the player you posted because you let them know about that player; Don't select players who have already been selected).
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Not open for further replies.