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Yeah, very stupid trade for the Raptors. Some may say that they did it so they could sign Keon Clark. Well, Lindsey Hunter makes 8.1 million over the next 2 years, so that doesn't free up much cap room. Man, I'm glad that the Lakers traded him.:yes:

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Originally posted by KC
Well, I guess they didn't really want Woods as much as they let on... Good trade for the Lakers FUTURE, but Rush won't play much next season....
Well, he could get significant minutes playing at the two guard. Kobe could start at SF. We should wait and see how he does in the Summer League before we make any assumptions. Of course, you could be right, and he could be a bench warmer his first couple seasons.:D

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So ur tell'n me the deal was pretty much Rush for Hunter,what the HELL were the Raps think'n?!?!

Look what could have been.

C - A.D.
PF - Keon
SF - Vince
SG - Rush
PG - Alvin - the chipmunk!

If I were a Raps fan I would be PI$T!

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Rush AND Jefferies Deal In Depth

Ok since all the Toronto fans think they got screwed over and LA fans think they hit gold with this trade I will break it down.

MIN-34.6 MIN-31.9
PTS-17.3 PTS- 19.8
REB-6.3 REB- 5.2
AST-3.0 AST- 2.5
TO-2.5 TO-2.9
A/T-1.2/1 A/T -1/1.2
STL-1.2 STL- 1.1
BLK-1.2 BLK- 0.6
PF- 2.8 PF -2.1
FG%- .418 FG%- .426
FT%- .634 FT%- .767
3P%-.347 3P% -.405
PPS -1.32 PPS -1.22

Ok those are last years stats of both the draft picks. one of those players leads the other in all major defensive and offensive numbers Rebounds, Assits, Steals, Blocks and less turnovers. The person is Jeffries. The only major category that rush leads Jeffries is in points. So why such the difference you ask. Or why was Jeffries a late late 1st rounder. Well Jeffries played 15 less games then Rush did last year and has had knee problems last year. Jeffries had knee surgery and claims that he is 100% healthy if this is so Toronto might have robbed LA. If you still arent sure Toronto made the right deal read this. I posted this in the raptor forum

It's this simple to all the haters. Toronto had tryouts for both Jeffries and Rush and they were very excited about Jeffries game and upside but Rush was not the player they thought he would be (that's why he slipped to 20 he had bad work out)

Now Toronto was put in the situation to draft either

Woods, Rush, Dickau, Williams, Jeffries

Since Rush slipped so far down the Raps had no choice but to take him and get the best possible player according to scouts. The Raps were gonna deal there 20 to LA fot their 1st rounder and 2nd rounder. Where they would have drafted Jeffries with the 1st one. Since there were so many good players GG decided not to do that but in a sence screw the lakers and give them Rush instead of Woods. (No matter what there 20 was going to LA)

Which is why Toronto diden't do LA a favour of drafting Woods.

Now that that part is settled then it pretty much makes out to be a Hunter for Murray deal. The Raps get a pg that can shoot and bring it up the court.

Now this makes the Raptors able to re-sign Keon because they will not offer Childs and Curry contratys which relieves 6.2 million plus they get the extra million from the Hunter trade.

Jeffries allows JYD to be dealt if he proves to be a good back up and that relieves another 7 million which will be used in next years FA group since they have 0 fa of their own that they need to spend it on. Trust me good move

Obviously im am pro Toronto but you see in this article that Toronto really dident so bad after all.

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i understand where you are coming from. some good points as well. i would've liked to have seen rush for the first rounder and 2nd rounder because im only disgusted by this trade simply because of Lindsay Hunter. His contract is horrible, it is much worse than Tracy Murray's. This year LH makes 3.7 rising to 4 next year, while Tracy only has one year remaining on his contract. also the raps have a 61 million payroll the year after this one
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