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Lakers future-after shaq/in 3 years

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Is it just me or does getting woods seem alot like building up a "pippen" to complement bryant. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Anyway anyone else hoping Lakers trade away walker and hunter? Especially hunter, he jacks up 3's and never makes them, shoots way too much and doesn't run offence though shaq/kobe first.

Off-season decisions I hope Lakers make
1)Sign Malik Rose
2)DON'T sign a guard unless it's cheap and short term
3)Resign Shaw for minimum.
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Originally posted by JUNKIE
Am I the only person who thinks that Lakers need at least 1 more significant person to win it again this year. Im not starting the whole Sac and LA thing again (belive me that's the last thing I wanna hear). But I really dont think you will beat them next year without a new fresh guy on this team.

Maybe a Malik Rose,Keon Clark, Elden Campbell or Jamaal Maggloire deal would put you guys way over them.

Come on Shaq and Maggloire would be unstopable Shaq at C Jamaal at PF two montross seven footers with athletism.
No your not the only person. KennethTo said the Lakers should sign Rose, and I've stated numerous times that the Lakers should sign him. The Lakers should also try to get Qyntel woods. He'll be the 3rd scorer.
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