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The following chart shows the 60 players who took the most shots from at least 15 feet last season, sorted from left to right by most to least qualifying shots. The bars’ heights represent how many of those shots were 3-pointers.

As you’d expect, most players who take a lot of jump shots also take a lot of 3-pointers. Worth 50 percent more than long 2s and only marginally more difficult to make, 3s have a lot of value.

But there’s one notable exception. See him? Just in case you missed that tiny bar in the middle, I made it red.

The red bar is LaMarcus Aldridge, the Trail Blazers’ power forward who has shown a solid mid-range game but practically no range beyond the arc. Here are Aldridge’s year-by-year 3-point numbers:

0-for-2 (0.0 percent)
1-for-7 (14.3 percent)
7-for-28 (25.0 percent)
5-for-16 (31.3 percent)
4-for-23 (17.4 percent)
2-for-11 (18.2 percent)
2-for-14 (14.3 percent)
Career: 21-for-101 (20.8 percent)

Now, Aldridge says he’s done being the outlying non-3-point shooter among the NBA’s most voluminous jump shooters.

Chris Haynes of CSN Northwest:

Chris Haynes ✔ @ChrisBHaynes

LaMarcus Aldridge says he has expanded his game to shooting threes. Says he expects to shoot more of those this season.

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If I were Aldridge, I would look at that chart and see it screaming out to me to get down on the block and take less jump shots. He sees it as a call to shoot more threes. I want to hear Shaq's opinion on this article.
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