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Larry Hughes

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ESPN just reported that Larry Hughes signed with the Wizards. one shoot-happy guard (Courtney Alexander) and sign another one? What is MJ doing? That team needs size and rebounding, not people who will steal minutes from MJ(now) and Rip Hamilton.
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Jordan wants to shift over to SG.

I think Hughes is a great player, capable of doing a LOT. Unfortunately, he does need some tutoring. He has the ability to be an awesome scorer and a strong defender, but he needs some basketball intelligence so that he can learn to adapt to new situations.

Jordan is in Washington. Maybe he could help.

But recently, I've begun thinking that Jordan isn't as great a tutor as many might consider him. I forgot what happened to it, but there was a long article in PARADE, maybe, or something, about how Jordan's toughness and overcompetitiveness turned off a lot of the players on the Wizards, including Rip Hamilton. Kwame Brown turned out being something of a nervous wreck after he was highly touted by Jordan and he seemed to fall short of those high expectations. There are stories of outbursts that Jordan had with Kwame, temper flares that laid the pressure on thick. Remember, Kwame was still a teenager and making the shift from the focus of a high school team where he could do no wrong to an NBA player with expectations to be great from one of the game's greatest players... that can really mess you up.

Anyway. Hughes might learn something from Jordan, or he might not. Either way, it's a good idea to have that kind of talent on the team, for when Jordan leaves. But recruiting him to play PG isn't a great idea... I don't think that's his ideal position.

Still. With an improved Dixon, Hamilton, Hughes, Haywood, and Kwame, along with some solid vets in Whitney, Popeye Jones (who doesn't look like he'll be getting re-signed, if Hughes is taking a lot of the money), and Davis, and with Grizzard developing in the wings to come in and make a huge impact... it's a very talented team. Hamilton is on his way to being an All-Star caliber player, and Kwame might recover enough from his nightmare freshman year (as well as his asthma) to start playing strong ball... in the later part of last season, Kwame really started to show up a little. Haywood is a tough, old-fashioned center that will block shots for real and crash the boards. Hughes fits in perfectly, with his mix of youth and experience.

It looks good for the Wizards, and Hughes makes it look better.
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