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Larry Hughes

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ESPN just reported that Larry Hughes signed with the Wizards. one shoot-happy guard (Courtney Alexander) and sign another one? What is MJ doing? That team needs size and rebounding, not people who will steal minutes from MJ(now) and Rip Hamilton.
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I'm a GSW fan and watched a lot of Hughes, I not sure if that is a good decision

Hughes has a poor work ethic, bad decision making, takes a lot of ill advised shots, was he not like 20% for the season on 3 point shooting. and worst of all his SHOOTING MECHANICS are horrible... he dosn't shoot while he is at the apex of his jump, instead he waits till he is coming down from his vert already... sometimes he combines it with a fadeaway or a contorted type shot.. BUT HEY, if he is going to be with MIKE, maybe mike can light a fire under him to make him finally realize what he probly could do or what people envisioned him doing when he got drafted top 10..

As a warrior fan I would not do this,

Fortson is the same as white, undersized
dampier- laetner= underachievers
lue= scrub
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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