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Larry Says Players "Don't Care" In Rout

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Steve Francis got more boos than playing time in his return to Orlando.

Francis and Jalen Rose spent the final three quarters on the bench as the Knicks lost to the Magic, 111-87, a performance that prompted Larry Brown to question his team's character. "I looked out there and it looked like a lot of guys just didn't care," Brown said after the Knicks fell to 19-48. "That's tough, but you gotta keep finding the people that do (care) and hope you have enough of them."

"I just decided to play the guys I played," said Brown, who is considering playing a younger lineup.

Knicks fans had already establish that the majority of the group does not care if they win or lose. How come LB just figured that out, and decided to finally do something about it? Jeez play the guys who care and move on. This should have been done months ago!
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Kind of crappy lol... I think most of them are too proud to play their hardest now, they may be talented but they are also too proud to do the little things needed to win, diving for loose balls and such.
Too proud? Bull....

Too lazy and disinterested is more like it. Everybody wants to score......just score.
For only $9 million a year, I can figure that out. Isiah, give me a call!
Krstic All Star said:
For only $9 million a year, I can figure that out. Isiah, give me a call!
Word KAS
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