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LeBron James

1- We've been talking about the freeagents in 2003, but what are the HEAT's chances of trading for LeBron James cause it'll be very unlikely to get the first draft pick?

2- If we try to get Tim Duncan when he becomes a free agent, do we have enough salary room to avoid trading Zo, Jones, or Caron?

3- And finally why is everyone criticizing Caron Butler before the season even starts??? This guy will be the go-to-guy of Miami and will beat Jones' numbers.

Who will be our starting PG?
1- Rod Strickland
2- Anthony Carter :upset:
3- Eddie House ;)
4- Travis Best
5- Jeff McInnis

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Who knows?

Dude, I have NO CLUE what Pat Riley is doing down there in Miami. He needs to worry about coaching and let somebody else be the GM, he doesn't know what he's doing.

I gotta think that Rod Strickland comes back next year. God that guy sucks, what a loser!

Whoever gets the #1 overall pick WON'T trade it. They DEFINITELY won't trade Lebron James for anything that Miami would offer them.

Alonzo Mourning may or may not re-sign with the Heat. I think he'll sign elsewhere, to be honest with you.

Tim Duncan will almost CERTAINLY re-sign with the Spurs.

By the way, HERE'S what I think the Heat COULD look like in 2003-04:

Starting lineup

PG Sam Cassell (Riles likes veterans, and he likes PGs who can shoot and score)
SG Eddie Jones (he's really slipped recently)
SF Caron Butler (should be this team's go-to guy by 2003-04, right?)
PF Brian Grant (god this guy's contract is RIDICULOUS!)
C Elden Campbell (a much cheaper C option than Mourning)

Key reserves: 2003 first-rounder (probably #12 or #13 overall), Steve Smith (can be had for cheap), Anthony Carter, Chris Gatling

That team probably won't win any more games than next year's team, a ninth place finish in the East sounds about right. How long will Riles stick around? THAT'S the QUESTION, don't you think?

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Why should Rod suck ?

Ok he had alot of trouble in his career and isn't a great guy for coaches but last season when he started , he brought us back on track.

He's not a great scorer anymore but he passes the ball well and that's what we needed most when a guy like A.C. damaged our games last season.

I hope that we sign him cuz for this price (maybe minimum) he's a GREAT signing.

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How can you say Miami will finish 9th in the east this season?

We've only got better adding Butler at SF and more than likely Strick again at PG.

If we re-sign Strick to start and resign House to come off the bench-we will be top 3 or 4 in the east. We would have one of the best IF NOT the best line-up in the east.

LeBron James will never wear a Miami uniform next season, he'll probably be drafted by Hell (Cleveland) and leave after 3 years.

and finally----i once again will gaurantee that Zo is not going to leave-why would you want him to leave? He's the 2nd best center in the league behind one of the best ever! He'll resign for less money.
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