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Lebron James Interview

BOSTON, MA -- LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers battled TJ Ford and the Milwaukee Bucks in a summer league game in Boston. Although James playd well and the Cavs used a higher profile roster than the Bucks, Milwaukee dominated the game. and select other media interviewed LeBron after the game. The only place you'll find the complete interview transcript is here on

Question: Was tonight a learning experience?

LeBron James: Yeah, you know, with twelve games in ten days it's kind of hard to come out every night and just have the same energy that we've been having. But tonight was a learning experience, and we'll be better.

Question: What's been the biggest learning experiences for you?

LeBron James: The biggest learning experience for me is that you have to go out every night, and every night you have to give it your all. Because everybody's going to come at you, with me being the number one draft pick, and we have a new coaching staff, and we're trying to be a good team, everybody's going to come at us every night, so we have to bring our A-game.

Question: How has it been handing the off the court NBA lifestyle?

LeBron James: That's kind of the easy part for me. The off the court things I can handle. I've been handling the fans and everything that comes with basketball, so that's not hard at all. I don't think none of this is really that hard. I'm just going to keep learning.

Question: Have you learned anything from watching the Kobe situation? (Regarding Kobe being charged with sexual assault.)

LeBron James: Well that's a tough situation. I'm behind Kobe 100 percent. That's my man. But I don't know everything that's going on, so I really can't comment on something like that. But I'm behind Kobe 100 percent.

Question: Is that an alert to you that you could be just as marked as Kobe?

LeBron James: You know, before Kobe, I learned you're going to know that before that even happened. You have to know that. He's been in a bad situation.

Question: Talk about the zone (played against the Cavs); it gave you guys trouble.

LeBron James: During practices, we haven't went over the zone offense a lot, as much, but I just think if we just attack a little more, and get the ball into the big man, and keep going inside and outside, we'll be better.

Question: Are you going to play tomorrow (Sunday)?

LeBron James: Hopefully. I'm going to see... I have a deep bruise in my knee...

Question: When did that happen? (First quarter.)

LeBron James: Yeah, I got kneed.

Question: Do you remember with who?

LeBron James: TJ (Ford).

Question: What do you think of his game?

LeBron James: Oh, great. He's great. He's a good friend of mine. We played at Jordan camp last year, Santa Barbara. We're coming in as point guards, trying to get our team better. And we're going to get a lot of minutes, and he got great quickness, and he going to get his team a lot better.

Question: Over these last two weeks, are you still making mistakes now that you made days or a week or two ago?

LeBron James: Yeah, I think you're going to repeat some things. Some mistakes you're going to have to repeat. But it's just if you're learning from them. And I have learned the mistakes that I made early on, and I'm getting better at it.

Question: Talk about playing point guard. Were you pushing for that, or is it more the coaches, and how do you feel about it?

LeBron James: Whatever they need me to play, I'll be there for them. I wasn't going into the front office saying "I need to play point guard," it was just that they put me in that position and I was comfortable playing it. If they want me to move to the two next week, I'll be comfortable with that. Whatever they need me to play in. If I feel the one is not good for me, I'm going to go to them and tell them I need to move. But right now it's going fine, so I'm alright.

Question: Talk about the mid-range jumper, how it's coming along.

LeBron James: I think it's getting better. I got to keep working at it every day. I get back home, I get in the gym and work at it. It's a lot of things I have to work on, but I'll be better.

Question: Are you looking forward to just working out again, you haven't done anything but play...

LeBron James: No, I'm looking forward to getting a vacation. I need a vacation before training camp starts in September. So that's what I'm looking forward to.

Question: What will you do on vacation, where will you go?

LeBron James: I can't tell you, you might try to follow me.

Question: What has Paul Silas told you, and stressed to you?

LeBron James: Nothing really, he's been letting Coach Silas Jr. handle everything, Coach Steve, so he's been sitting back, watching on the sideline, talking to (Jim) Paxson, so he's not been telling us too much. Winning. Winning is everything. If winning is not everything... because you know, we have to play well on the court to keep Coach Silas' job.

Question: Some people in the crowd were yelling "overrated" and things like that. Have you found that humorous?

LeBron James: Oh, very humorous. I got that during high school, too. People have their own opinions, and I'm just going to have to play my game.

Question: You've been grading yourself. How about today?

LeBron James: Maybe a C. Give me a C today. Because the tempo was real bad. They made a lot of shots. They made a lot of shots. We gave up too many... we gave up 60 points in that first half, so, we just have to get a little bit of defensive pressure and come out and play harder tomorrow.

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"No, I'm looking forward to getting a vacation. I need a vacation before training camp starts in September. So that's what I'm looking forward to."

I hate that comment right there, because he really isn't in top-notch shape. I wanna see that will and desire to be the best and that perseverence that say "I will never lose", I guess sometimes you just gotta get away though.

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He's been so busy these last few months, I think he does need a vacation, otherwise we could be talking serious burnout here real quick.

So I totally understand him needing some vacation.

From the sound of the rest of his comments and from the changes in his game, just from the end of high school to now, you can tell he's a really hard worker.

Hopefully he can get a vacation in, still work on his shot while he's doing that, and then come back and get really serious about getting in shape for the season going into training camp.

I'm kind of worried about these little injuries and fatigue right now though.

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You need vacations because look at JWILL.
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