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Roger Clemens and his eldest son Koby got their first day as minor-league teammates going at about 6:15 Thursday morning. After a busy day of travel and workouts, they finally dashed off to dinner at about 10 p.m.

They left their home in Memorial early and headed to Sugar Land and then Georgetown to pick up Roger Clemens' three sisters, Brenda, Janet and Bonnie, who flew here with them because they'll all drive to Ohio today to put a tombstone at the plot where their mother, Bess, is buried.

At times, Roger Clemens looked every bit the 43-year-old that he is. At other times, he appeared just as vibrant as his 19-year-old son, smiling proudly as he prepared for his 23rd major-league season, which gets under way in the minors with a start for Class A Lexington on Tuesday night at Applebee's Park.

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