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Lenny Cooke
6-6 | 206 lbs
Northern Valley Regional HS

Monday, June 17th

Q: How did today's workout go?
Cooke: "(Burping) I had gas all day. La La La La La. Hey you guys have basketball goals!"

Q: How have your other workouts gone so far?
Cooke: "What? Sometimes I eat peanut butter and jelly other times I just take a shower."

Q: Which current NBA players do you think you most resemble on the court?
Cooke: "Walter Payton, Matt Lauer with a little oranges and boobs"

Q: What do you look to bring to the NBA next year?
Cooke: "Me, a couple of bags. My dolly. Do you have a car? Those are really neat-o."

Q: Have you caught yourself day-dreaming about Draft Night?
Cooke: "(Laughs for 15 minutes)Sometimes I touch my face and go hey what's that? and then I realize it's my nose. Isn't that funny fruity tooty funny? (Laughs). "
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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