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Originally posted by <b>Tom</b>!
He was an overrated player and is an overrated coach. i didn't say bad, just not as good as he is given credit for.
Lenny Wilkens is a perfect example of quantity vs. quality. He's the all-time leader in coaching victories in the NBA because he's stuck around forever. Is he one of the top ten coaches in the NBA right now? NO! Is he top fifteen? NO! If a guy isn't even one of the top FIFTEEN coaches in a league of only 29 teams, well, how can one argue that he's one of the top coaches of all time?

The dude is on the short list of NBA coaches who needed to be fired A LONG TIME AGO, along with Isiah Thomas and probably George Karl. In fact, those are the only three NBA head coaches who FOR SURE need to be fired RIGHT NOW!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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