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Most people seem to think we should add a couple of veterans this off-season to help steady our young guys. I disagree. In fact, I think we should get even younger by jettisoning a couple of our "vets" (i.e. Randolph and Miles) in exchange for draft choices.

If Nash could get a couple of No. 1 picks for Randolph and Miles, we could potentially add Adam Morrison, LeMarcus Aldridge and/or Tyrus Thomas/Bargnani/Reddick, et. al. Imagine the potential of this team with a young trio of studs added to what we already have. Dynamite!

Would we make the playoffs next year? Maybe not. But we'd be taking great strides in the right direction and we'd have a very exciting team that is going to get better and better.

Call me crazy, but I don't want Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, or anybody else like that on this team. I don't want vets with their best years behind them--I want guys with a big upside for years to come.
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