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What is everybody so down on about the Bulls. This hasn't been a bust of a season at all.

Right now our record is currently at 12-31. That is 2nd worse in the league, only worse than the Magic. We will be getting a primetime player. We will get our small forward. Paxson has turned out as an excellent scout. He drafted Kirk Hinrich the 3rd best rookie of the bunch. Picked up Ronald Dupree out of the NBDL who has been a great success averaging over 10 points a game and earning himself a starting spot. The Bulls will be adding one of the following players to their roster next year; Emeka Okafur, Luol Deng, Hakim Warrick, Ivan Chiriaev, or Sergei Monya. Pasxon will pick the one that he finds most fitting for the Bulls and will help them most. I gaurntee that the Bulls will not take one of the high schoolers unless it is part of a trade, or that the kid has Lebron talent.

The Bulls big 4 (Kirk, Tyson, Eddy, and Jamal) have averaged a combined 53.2 points per a game. Lets take a look how that compares to other teams aroudn the league.

Atlanta (Shareef, Terry, Jackson, Ratliff) 57.8
Boston (Pierce, Davis, James, Welsch) 55.1
Cleveland (Lebron, Z, Boozer, Wagner) 56.5
Dallas (Nash, Dirk, Walker, Finley) 68.9
Denver (Carmelo, Andre, nene, Lenard) 61.2
Detroit (Wallace, Hamilton, Billups, Okur) 55.4
Golden St (Richardson, Van Exel, Mike, Cliff) 56.1
Houston (Ming, Mobley, Francis, Jackson) 60.1
Indiana (Oneal, Artest, Miller, Harrington) 61.6
Clippers (Brand, Q, Maggette, Wlicox) 67.2
Lakers (Malone, Oneal, Kobe, Payton) 70.6
Memphis (Pau, WIlliams, Miller, Wells) 53.9
Miami (Butler, Wade, Odom, Grant) 58.1
Bucks (Redd, Mason, Ford, Thomas) 57
Wolves (KG, Cassell, Spree, Kandi) 69.8
NJ (Kidd, Jefferson, Martin, Kittles) 63.7
NO (Davis, Magloire, Wesley, Armstrong) 61.6
NY (Van Horn, Marbury, Houston, Thomas) 64.4
Orlando (Tmac, Gooden, Giricek, Howard) 64.1
Philly (Iverson, Robinson, Snow, Thomas) 67.1
Phoenix (Marion, Amare, Johnson, Barbosa) 55.8
Portland (Randolph, Wallace, DA, Stoudemire) 62.2
Sacramento (Peja, Bibby, Miller, Jackson) 71
San Antonio (TD, Manu, Parker, Bowen) 55.7
Seattle (Lewis, Allen, Murray, Vlad) 69.7
Toronto (Rose, Marshall, bosh, carter) 64.8
Utah (Harpring, Kirilenko, Arroyo, Stevenson) 57.6

The Top 5 are

1. Sacramento 30-12
2. LA Lakers 26-15
3. Minnesota 30-12
4. Seattle 22-20
5. Dallas 28-16

That is not bad considering that our core is 22 years old. This would be like saying that the Bulls have 4, 4 year college players coming straight out of high school (by age)

You do not want to trade away this young core, when will they learn. Look what happened last time they made a ton of trades. Keep the core and add around it. ; )
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