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Line Of The Night:

Allen Iverson -- 39 points, 10 assists, 5 steals, 2 boards

We say it all the time. Watch the boy while you still can. There will never be another. A.I., C-Webb and the Sixers are heating up, and it looks like a potential Shaq vs. A.I. shootout in a few weeks.

Worst Of The Night:

Settle down Mike Dunleavy! After a heated exchange with a ref over a foul call he did not like, Mike D absolutely lost it -- double T, ejection, and all that jazz. Then, as he stormed off the court, he took of his jersey and flung it in the crowd! Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuut? When Rodman used to do that, it was edgy, rebellious, maybe kind of cool. Mike Dunleavy? Ummmm.... no.

Ice Cube Of The Night:

Andre Iguodala -- 10 points, 10 boards, 10 assists, 4 steals

Efficiency is the name of the game. First career triple-double, just like that.

Just Plain Fun Of The Night:

Earl Boykins -- 21 points, 4 assists, 2 boards, 2 steals

What is there not to love? The water bug quickness? The baseball pass down the court, which looks like a heave, but in reality, it does not even go that far? Other players palming his head like a little boy? The usually poker-faced Boykins even broke out the quick smile and high-fived a courtside fan Thursday night! Gotta love it. Love it live. On top of all that, he is absolutely unguardable. Oh yeah, and the Kobester's Playoff chances were definitively flushed down the toilet with this effort. But of course, THAT had no effect on the joy of the this game...

Talking Trash From The Bottom Of The Dumpster Of The Night:

Tim Thomas, after Wednesday night's stromping (yes -- stromping) of Boston by New York:

"They're just a bunch of frontrunners right now. Nobody is going to come in here and push us around."

Whaaaaaat are you talking about Tim? Frontrunners? So what does that make ya'll? Oh, right -- a lottery team, so back runners. And while the Knicks are 21-14 at home, how about that 8-23 road record Tim?

On his in-game verbal spat with Paul Peezy:

"He was running his mouth. Don't talk it if you can't back it up. It's not even MTV, and he got punked."

Uh-oh, he is breaking out the metaphors! Comedy.

Star-Crossed Season Of The Night:

Literally. After a fast start, the Utah Jazz were hit with one problem after another, for the rest of the season. It all came to a head Thursday night when AK47 broke his wrist, ending his season. This is Andrei Kirilenko's second big injury this season, and fantasy owners everywhere were heard slamming tables and screaming in agony.

Fell Off Of The Night:

What do over-the-hill stand up comedians do to keep busy? We guess they do Dannon Frusion commercials! What is Joe Clair, better known as Joe Cleezy, former host of Rap City, doing singing and dancing in a Dannon commercial? Wow.

If ya'll did not already know, George Karl has lost his damn mind! Wearing his own throwback? In a game? Over a turtleneck? Definitely should have been with a wife-beater and a Jesus piece... FREE JAMAL CREEZY! Crawford did it again. Un-planned, off the backboard, to himself. Forget T-Mac and Vince, the regular season, non-All-Star joint is where it's at... Anthony Johnson... The best part about the stretch run is that no one is backing into the Playoffs. Indiana, Philly, and Denver, especially Denver, are all about their B-I... Why don't modern day vampires wear some sort of wood-proof vest? We can stop bullets, but not wood?... Shaun Livingston with 11 assists in his first career start... Cleveland Cavs -- new coach, same results. Blown the hell out, 99-80, by McGrady and the Rockets... Damien Wilkins going for 21? For the Sonics?...

Yuta Tabuse.

"For The True NBA Heads Only"
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