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What does it mean?
mistakes? why did Rockets offer a contract to DA instead of Spree?
money? $2M is too low?

The Rockets actually could have created a salary slot worth closer to $2 million if they had applied for an injury exception on Bobby Sura, who hasn't played all season after back and knee surgeries.

But it's been clear for months that Spree, 35, wants something closer to the $5 million mid-level exception level -- and a contract that doesn't expire at season's end -- to feed his family with NBA wages again. The Clippers' Sam Cassell has also tried (more than once) to lure his former Minnesota teammate out of hibernation, but the Clips are also prevented from offering more than a million (and change) because of their cap limitations.

Because he hasn't played for anyone since last season, Sprewell is still eligible for the playoff roster of any club he choses, even if he doesn't sign until the final day of the regular season April 19. So it's still too early to completely rule out a Spree sighting in '05-06.

His ex-coach, though, will not be shocked if Spree never plays another NBA game.

"Nope," he said. "I think he goes to the beat of his own drummer. He felt it was an injustice if he had to take the veteran's minimum and I think he's very content in his life. I think that attitude allowed him to play effectively even when his career could have gone to pieces.

"He's very, very bright. And he's always had a lot going on in his life. So I'm not surprised."

What about saddened not to see him somewhere?

"It's not sad if he's not sad," Van Gundy said. "If he's not bitter about things and if he's happy with how his career turned out -- and he should be -- then I'm happy for him."
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