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Feet Positioning
If you observe the best players as they play the foot positioning matters for a perfect shot . It is usually recommended that your right foot is always in front of the left one. This will align you better for the jump shot. Ensure you are stable and you not tilting side-ways

In a recent training i took , I discovered that some of the perfect shots are taken using just shot jumps, this is very good and it will ensure consistency in your jump.

Ball Holding
So to ensure that you execute a perfect shot , it is important that you hold the ball with two hands, specifically the left on the side of the ball and the right behind but a little bit to the side of your right.
This is the guide hand and its what sets you apart if you are to ensure a perfect shot.

Your Set Point.
This is the position you hold your ball before you shoot. This will also determine how perfect or how off track the shoot will be. I think the best position is that directly in front of your eye or your vision , this will also help you guide the ball properly for the shot.

Release Point
The release point is the time when you let go of the ball , as you shoot. Most observable best shots happen at the time when the ball is released at the highest point of its elevation . This will ensure that its targeted and perfect as well.
So in other wards don't release too early or too late or else it won't be a nice one shot. This is the same issue in all the basketball games of all versions. Release when the ball shot meter reaches the green section. The off hand thumb shouldn't be much involved in the shot.

Follow Up Action
This is a simple action that you can train yourself to do after your release the ball, this is very effective as it guides the ball as it makes its way into the rim. the guide hand should be straight as it guides the ball as it flies out , then the right hand that pushes the ball should be pointing downwards after your shot.
This will help you notice your mistakes and then perfect them for a nice professional shot.

Hope You Find This Helpful. You can Read More Here.
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