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If the Wizards make the playoffs, as expected, Denver will be awarded their first-round pick in this year's draft. The Nuggets acquired the pick, which is lottery protected, in a trade with the Orlando Magic. The Nuggets also have their own first- round pick this year.

If NBA commissioner David Stern gets an age limit of 20 in the next collective bargaining agreement that would begin next season, the draft could be a deep one for the Nuggets. Such a rule likely would cause many high school seniors and young international prospects to enter this year's draft. Having two first-round picks also would give the Nuggets a lot of options.
The Nuggets currently have a full roster of 15 (12 active plus 3 on the IL) but two first round draft choices could still be fit in. It would be great to take a young Euro with one of the picks and let them develop for a few years before bringing them over (like what the Nets did with Krstic).
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