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Lamar Odom--Should be an all-star this month. Leader of our team and is playing tough inside. Grade: A

Udonis Haslem--Undrafted project who has turned into a warrior inside for us. Playing undersized and still battling at center. Quickly becoming a fan favorite (myself included).
Judging by what we got him for. Grade: B+

Rafer Alston--Quality backup PG who has started and done well when Wade was hurt. Grade: B

Dwyane Wade--Top 3 rookie in one of the best classes ever. He's been everything we could ask for. Although he's had some injuries, he's been our go to guy as a rookie. Grade: A-

John Wallace--Instant offense on both ends of the floor. I don't think he could guard a wheelchair basketball player. He could eventually be a good player for us off the bench but so far, he isn't doing much. Grade: C-

Bimbo Coles--He's an assistant coach who wears a jersey. I hate him being on the roster. Grade: F

Samaki Walker--Injured for most of the season. He hasn't contributed as much b/c of the play of Haslem. Grade: D

Loren Woods--Good young player in my opinion. We are going to develop him before he'll ever contribute for us. His grade really isn't finished yet but as of now. Grade: D+

Jerome Beasley--Another good young project. He is being developed just like Woods but to a higher extent. He will help us off the bench next season in my opinion. Grade: D+


Alonzo Mourning--Signed with Nets, played for the first month and became ill again. As much as everyone hated him for leaving, we benefited alot from him leaving. Grade: A

Anthony Carter--Signed with Spurs, was later cut and I don't think he's playing anywhere right now. We got lucky because of his agent's mistake in the offseason. Grade: A

Mike James--Signed with Celtics. Starting/Playing lots of minutes for them. We should of resigned him because he is a very very good cheap young player. He can shoot the lights out. He's one of those guys we let go that should be here. Grade: D

Eddie House--Signed with Clips. Plays off the bench for them. He never fit in here and I'm glad we let him go. Grade: B

Overall Offseason Grade: B+
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