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Lost in all the excitement....

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Vince carter scored 28 points!

See everyone got soo excited about collins actually doing his job (aka negating the opposing PF/C) for once that they fogot about vince playing another superstar game! Vince did everything from box out to block shots and he pritty doing it :)!!!! All this commotion about collins actually living up to our minamal expectations is overwelming us! Jason Collins had an awsome game (for collins 6pts, 5boards, 2blocks, 1steal, 0dimes, 3personal fouls), but i just wanna let fans know how awsome we are when everyone does their part!
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Doesnt jizzy have a post with the same name
yea he made that post prasing collins for actually doing his job and stuff... so i made one for carter who does his job
exactly... i don't want people to get lost in the excitement!
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