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After 51 games Boston is 22-29 and on a 6 game losing streak! If that wasnt enough we have a 7 game road trip ahead: PHI, CLE, CHI, SAC, LAC, POR, SEA! It looks like we might go for 13 in a row!
If that was to happen I like our chances for a top 5 pick this year!

Lets take a look at the current standings:
Indiana(1) 37 14
New Jersey(2) 28 20
Detroit(3) 33 18
New Orleans(4) 27 23
Milwaukee(5) 26 23
Toronto(6) 23 25
New York(7) 23 27
Boston(8) 22 29
Philadelphia 21 29
Miami 21 29
Cleveland 19 31
Atlanta 17 34
Washington 15 33
Chicago 14 37
Orlando 13 39

OK, the first 7 teams have a better record already so I expect them to finish ahead of us. PHI will also have a better record in the end, MIA can be better, CLE has played great lately and has a good schedule...
ATL is only 4 games behind but I dont know what to expect from them, on the other hand WAS, although 7 games behind, will have a much better team in the second half of the season, so they might end up ahead of us. Only CHI and ORL are probably too far behind.
Realisticly, there are going to be 3-4 teams with a worse record than the Celtics at the end of the season in the east.

Sacramento(1) 34 13
Minnesota(2) 35 14
San Antonio(3) 34 18
Dallas(4) 31 18
L.A. Lakers(5) 29 18
Memphis(6) 28 21
Houston(7) 28 21
Denver(8) 29 22
Seattle 24 25
Utah 24 26
Portland 23 25
L.A. Clippers 22 26
Golden State 21 27
Phoenix 18 34

We can forget about the first 8 teams. SEA, UTA, POR will very likely have a better record in the end. Also LAC, GSW and PHO have decent teams so they as well can be ahead of us at the end of the season. But lets say 2 teams will have a worse record...

Looking at these stats we can expect a pick from 5-8 in my opininon. With some luck with ping pong balls we might get a top 3 pick! Emeka Okafor anyone?

I guess a lot will depend on this next road trip. If we lose 6 or 7 of them then my prognosis isnt way off. Another thing that will determine how many games we will win in the end is Ainges upcoming trade.

I know it doesnt make a lot of sense looking at win/loss columns just yet but I wanted to see what kind of pick we can actually get. Of course, we can expect that we will start to play a bit better and get some more wins but our schedule, even after this road trip is really though!

7 game road trip (PHI, CLE, CHI, SAC, LAC, POR, SEA) on its way.

That leaves 24 games:
13 at home (4 against teams with current record +50% (LAL, IND, DEN, NJ) and 9 against teams -50% (MIA, TOR, ORL, WAS, PHI, POR ,GSW, ATL, MIA).
11 away from home (5 games against +50% teams (MIN, DAL, SAS, NJ, NOR) and 6 games against -50% teams (ATL, MIA, WAS 2, TOR, NY).

But it has to be said that stats about some of these -50% teams are deceptive cause they include teams like PHI,TOR,NY,POR,WAS which are certainly not bad teams.
Like I said. We have a tough schedule ahead!

All in all, I am quite optimistic about our pick this year. I never would have thought before the season that we are going to be in a position to get a top 10 pick, but the way things are going now, with some luck, we can get a top 5 pick or even a top 3!

I cant wait for this years draft! It is going to be crazy!
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