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Sienafan said:
I agree the MAAC is looking better than it has the past few seasons. However it is clear that peer leagues like the CAA, Horizon, MAC, and WCC are passing the MAAC by. The MAAC members need to take steps to remain competitive. The budgets seem to be similar, yet these leagues are getting it done on the court in ways the MAAC is not. One area of concern has been inferior coaching, but with all the recent turnover, it appears that factor is being taken care of. Kudos to Canisius for having the cojones to actually fire a coach. I would have never expected that level of commitment from them. Another difference I see between the MAAC and the aforementioned leagues is recruiting. We all seem to recruit from the same well, but they appear to be getting more athletic and bigger players. Why is a team like ODU considerably larger than Manhattan up front? Why is Albany getting a 6'11, 250 lb. 3-star center next season and Siena couldn't find one? Enough with all the guards MAAC members, let's get some good big men!

Finally, there is the issue of facilities. Most of the teams in the aforementioned leagues play in excellent facilities, even the smaller private ones. I think the MAAC schools have to re-assess their commitment to athletic infrastructure. Currently only two MAAC schools play in modern facilites with all chairback seating and capaciites of more than 3,000. Kinda of hard to beat out some of these other schools for recruits when you show them they'll be playing in a carbon copy of their high school gym if they come to your school. Also, it is impossible to get a home game with a high-major, thus greatly reducing the chance for some good OOC wins.

To be fair, some recruits that manhattan brings in - their high school gym is better than ours :)
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