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This from BlazersBlog.... has an interesting column on the possibility of random drug testing in the NBA:
In a recent letter from union head Billy Hunter to all NBA players, Hunter wrote: "At the most recent negotiating session wiith the NBA owners ... the NBA expressed displeasure and concern about the alleged usage or possession of marijuana by several NBA players.

Their contention is that the taint of marijuana usage by even a few players negatively impacts the entire NBA and that the only way to repair the NBA's image is to make significant changes to the anti-drug policy. As such, they proposed requiring mandatory random testing of all veterans during the season as well as during training camp. Currently, veterans may ONLY be tested during training camp."

Former Blazer Antonio Daniels had this to say about his old teammates and the current drug testing policies:
Daniels played in Portland last season before signing in Seattle as a free agent. He said the Blazers players, as well as most around the league, recognize the joke of the current drug policy, in which one negative test in training camp, scheduled in advance, allows a veteran player off the hook for the rest of the year.

"We are all grown men, you know," Daniels said. "Guys are very intelligent. Guys are smart. If they (the league) want to change things, I think they know how. That is the easiest way I know how to put it."

Sadly, ESPN teases the story with an image of Rasheed Wallace. Wallace is also the only player pictured within the body of the column.
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