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PHOENIX -- Markieff Morris is still with the Phoenix Suns and said all the right things at the team's media day.

Morris, upset that the Suns had traded twin brother Marcus to Detroit, had previously proclaimed in a series of tweets that he, too, would not be in Phoenix this coming season.

But no trade developed, and there he was on Monday, proclaiming, "I want to be here."

As for those tweets, Morris wasn't talking.

"I don't really want to talk about what happened this summer," he said. "I just really want to look forward to this up and coming season and glad to be back with my teammates, glad to be back with my team."

The NBA fined Morris $10,000 for "a public statement detrimental to the NBA." He stood to lose a whole lot more than that holding out.

A year ago, the Suns signed the twins to an innovative contract extension that divided $52 million between them over five years. The brothers got to divvy the pay up however they felt was fair. Markieff got $32 million, Marcus $20 million. Markieff might have earned more, but the twins wanted to stay together.

That's the background of the irksome tweets from Markieff and derogatory comments toward the Suns organization by Marcus after the trade.

And all still is not rosy with Morris and the front office.

Markieff said he is "super-confident" in coach Jeff Hornacek.

"He's been here a couple of years and me and him have a great relationship," Morris said.

But as for his relationship with general manager Ryan McDonough, "you can ask him that, man," was all Morris said.

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Morris is a high character guy...I believe he will assault this upcoming season with or without his twin brother
I was going to try to come in and write something, then you made me laugh and I figured it was taken care of already.
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