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There were times when he was with the Chicago Bulls earlier this season Donyell Marshall, who sometimes goes by the nickname Yell, wanted to scream in frustration.

Now that he's in Toronto, Marshall is a content man, so much so he can see a future with the Raptors after his current contract expires at the end of the 2004-05 season.

"Obviously when this (contract) is up, Toronto's going to get first choice (to keep me)," Marshall said this week. "That's the way it's going to come down. If I wasn't happy here, I'd say they wouldn't get first choice. But obviously at this point, I'm happy here."

After the 2004-05 season, Marshall will become a free agent and the Raptors will have the right to match offers from other teams if they want to keep him. Marshall can see himself donning a purple sweater for years to come, although he also understands the situation can quickly change.

"I'm playing well, but who knows?" he said. "They might try to kick me out. That's the business."

Raptors GM Glen Grunwald said yesterday he has been delighted with Marshall's play but not surprised. He expected the former University of Connecticut star, who averaged 10 rebounds and 14.2 points per game with the Golden State Warriors in the 1999-2000 season, to contribute in a big way.

In a 83-72 win over the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday, Marshall picked up his team-leading sixth double-double of the season, with 11 rebounds and 16 points.

"I always knew he was a good rebounder and a good scorer," Grunwald said. "But the thing he has done better than I thought he would is his three-point shooting."

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