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Maurice Taylor Interview ( (1-9-04). Talk about the Rockets in general. You guys are coming along, still learning what Jeff Van Gundy wants, doing well, obviously still making adjustments.

Maurice Taylor: We're putting it together. Just like any team that learns a new system, new coach, it has some ups and downs, but we're trying to be more consistent. We're trying to get our consistency together, and get our offense up to where our defense is playing. Our defense is playing good, but overall I think we're doing pretty well. We still got lot of improvement to make, but I think we can be a real good team. Talk about Jeff Van Gundy's changes. Yao Ming is more of a focal point, generally. A bit less Steve Francis as far as plays go.

Maurice Taylor: Steve still has the ball 90 percent of the time. Just because a play's not called for him doesn't mean that he's not going to get the ball and not have the ball in his hand. We have a 7-6 guy that has a lot of skill, so we definitely want to take advantage of that, but at the same time we know Steve makes this team go.

Maurice Taylor:
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