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The Dallas Mavericks want Scott Williams. Scott Williams wants to play for the Dallas Mavericks.

The next few days should determine whether the Mavericks and Williams get what they want.

With the Phoenix Suns putting all their focus on young players, Suns management is prepared to waive the veteran power forward so Williams, 35, can join a contender in the West. According to league sources, Williams wants to be waived as long as he ends up with the Mavericks.

The snag is that Williams has no guarantee Dallas would be the only team that claims him, and salary-cap complications prevent Phoenix from trading him to the Mavericks. Forty-eight hours after being waived, Williams' rights would be awarded to the claiming team with the worst record.

League sources told that Williams' agent, Arn Tellem, is "working to ensure that other teams don't claim him" before Williams is released, which could happen as soon as Wednesday. Williams has said that if he can't choose the team that claims him, he'd prefer to finish the season on the Suns' bench. Phoenix has already offered Williams a spot as an assistant coach, and Williams has made it clear that he hopes to make Phoenix his permanent base when he's done playing.
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