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Originally posted by <b>transplant</b>!
I suppose it's nice that JC and EC think we can make the playoffs. Pretty much just words though.

Agree with the other posters - you can only win 'em one at a time. Beat the Pistons tonight. Then we'll talk about the Griz, etc.
Given that we are tied with Phoenix at the fifth worst record in the league, I'd say we need to focus one game at a time. That said, I think in two weeks we will be ahead of Phoenix (in sole posession of the sixth worst record). After that, four teams (Miami, New York, Golden State, and LAClipp) have only 15 wins. Also, Utah should start to drop like a rock, given the loss of Harpring.

If we remain focused, I could see in a month where we could be the 12th worst team in the league........ 9th best in the East. Wouldn't it be sweet to battle Toronto for the last play-off spot the rest of the season?

As for the quotes....... I think it shows that neither Curry nor Jamal have quit on Skiles, the team, or themselves. It'll be nice to see this team with Tyson, Scottie, and "Flop" Dupree on hand.
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