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From Today's Daily Herald:

Fifteen days into his stint with the Bulls, rookie center Luke Schenscher is showing signs of progress.

He’s certainly earning coach Scott Skiles’ confidence, averaging 14 minutes in the last four games. During Sunday’s 113-104 loss at Washington, the 7-foot-1 Australian grabbed 8 rebounds, tying Luol Deng for the team high.

“I like the way he’s playing,” Skiles said. “He’s actually been one of our better help defenders. He normally comes over and reacts well.”

Schenscher has done a good job of jumping over on defense and making opponents shoot over his long arms. Skiles used Schenscher and Tyson Chandler together a few times in Washington.

His footwork and strength probably need the most work. Kirk Hinrich picked up his fifth foul against the Wizards when Schenscher couldn’t get out of Ben Gordon’s way quickly enough and ended up creating a clear path to the basket for Gilbert Arenas.

Schenscher said the most difficult part of playing in the NBA is dealing with a dream come true.

“It’s just the nerves,” he said. “It’s something I’ve dreamt about for 12 years or something now. It’s been my goal for so long now, I’m just trying to calm myself and not get too excited or too overwhelmed with the situation.”
More at the link.

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Southtown Paul has a Luke Story, too:

Schenscher center of attention

For years if not decades, Bears quarterbacks and Bulls centers have had something in common — the most popular one almost always is the one on the bench.
Indeed, Bulls reserve center Luke Schenscher played only three home games before the United Center patrons were heard to chant his name.

And, yes, those were "Luuuuukes" and not "booooos."

"I guess it's my good looks," Schenscher said with a smile when asked if he always had been a fan favorite.

While his sense of humor, size and basketball smarts aren't a question, the 7-foot-1 Schenscher has to show that they are enough to overcome his lack of confidence and lack of athleticism.
Partly on the recommendation of Adams, the front office became interested in Schenscher after he went undrafted last spring. Adams is friends with Georgia Teach head coach Paul Hewitt, under whom Schenscher played for four seasons.

Schenscher made one pre-season appearance with the Sacramento Kings before he was released. Then he signed with the Fort Wayne Flyers of the NBA Development League, where he averaged 8.2 points, 6.1 rebounds and 1.4 blocked shots per game.

Earlier this month, the Bulls signed Schenscher to a 10-day contract that was renewed last week.

"In some ways, Luke is a project," Adams said. "But in a number of other ways, he isn't. He knows how to play the game, which is hard to find in young big men these days. He is very coachable, a team player and a hard worker. He has a lot of the intangibles in his favor."

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Seeing how much Chandler and Nocioni fight each other for rebounds, could you imagine Morrison, Chandler, and Noc all out on the floor at the same time?

My bet would be that Morrison and Noc get in a fight in practice by the end of next season.

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What the heck is going on in this thread...

Anyway. I didn't see that game described in McGraw's article... from what I'm reading, Luke basically set a screen for Arenas that blocked Gordon?

That's hilarious.

Anyway, good find. He's a solid talent.
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Rhyder said:
Prime candidate to add to the Great White Hope team. Lots of jib and probably isn't under contract anywhere.

....and don't forget the redoubtable

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