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“I would describe myself as intelligent, outgoing and funny”

Hometown: Miami, FL
Profession: Singer/dancer
Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere with a beach
Favorite TV show: The X-Files
Favorite restaurant: PF Changs (crispy honey shrimp)
Always Wanted To Meet: Gene Kelly
First Job: Bath & Body Works, 18 years old
Fashion sense: A comfortable combination of fun, sexy and colorful. My style reflects my personality.
Pet peeve: Lack of common sense
Hobbies: Singing, reading, watching movies
Dance Background: Studying ballet, modern jazz, hip-hop, Caribbean and African dance for 10 years.
Professional Dance Experience: Performed at the Billboard Music Awards, in several music videos and as a Miami SOL dancer.
Fun Facts: “I love baking. You should try my banana bread and cinnamon streusel cake…It’s to die for.”
“Dance has impacted my life by giving me the dedication, discipline and outgoing personality that I use not only professionally, but on a daily basis. Dance has helped me become the person who I am today.”

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