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Here is a quick lottery mock draft:

1. Boston Celtics (via LA Lakers) - Clint Wagstaff - This seems like an obvious choice for the Celtics but is it. Wagstaff's positional limitations might cause the Celtics to look elsewhere.

2. Indiana Pacers (via Memphis) - Cam'Ron Towles - His positional flexibility might see his name called first but not sure if the Celtics have the nuts to make that call. I would be a little leary of Towles but he could end up the #1 player in the draft.

3. Golden State Warriors - Gerald Zampa - The Warriors have a couple of wings that are ok but up until now, they do not have a signature young building block. Zampa could be that player.

4. Charlotte Hornets - Alvin Pangborn - A mouth watering prospect no doubt. Could go as high as #1 or fall even further. Passing point guards are usually coveted though.

5. Sacramento Kings - Dirk Sullivan - Good rebounders are coveted by every GM and that may push Dirk up a bit. Not sure how high he could go though.

6. Denver Nuggets - Lyle Robideaux - Could go for Tyrik here as he sounds like a safer pick but Lyle is younger and can play both frontcourt positions.

7. Milwaukee Bucks - Stu Cermak - Bucks likely take best prospect available. A player they can fit in multiple positions. At worst, Cermark likely can be a super sub or a versatile defensive stopper in the future.

8. Indiana Pacers (via Phoenix) - Tyrik Faison - Pacers have grown tired of the porn star it seems. A nice, solid big next to Bailey could be a good fit.

9. New York Knicks - Rod Bevis - Knicks already have their point guard of the future. They are in need of a big and the mystery big should do.

10. Philadelphia 76ers - Charlie McCoyle - 76ers begin their rebuild in earnest. Can't hurt to start with a point guard.
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