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Nuggets Get:
Brian Grant
10th Pick

Heat Get:
Antonio McDyess

Heat Lineup:
C-Alonzo Mourning
PF-Antonio McDyess
SF-Devean George
SG-Eddie Jones
PG-Rod Strickland

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That is a trade that is fair, and could happen. The Nuggets would have the 5th and 10th picks, they could get a pair of really talented players. Riley has been known to trade his first round picks.

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DONE DEAL,if Dice is healthy?!

I DONT get why most people DONT give Dice his props?When healthy hes good for 21pts 10reb 2blk a night.I would like it more if we got to swap 2nd rounders with Denver?I agree that we should sign George,he could become our defensive stopper,taking ALOT of pressure off of E.J..

Imagine a frontcourt of Zo/Dice,we would OWN the East?!?!:yes:

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Why Should We???

McDyess is a free agent next Summer.

The Heat have 15 million to spend next Summer.

Why give up players now for McDyess, when we can sign him outright next Summer.

We could get Wagner with the Pick, Big Dog for Grant, and simply sign McDyess.
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