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Michael Wilks

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This guy is much better then Ronald Murray and should be on the roster next season. He can pass, score, and play awesome D (his best asset). Did you see him shut down Juan Dixon? That was just sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! He is the real deal, and he should backup Cassell come this season.
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WHo is this guy?? Where is he from??
He's also undersized and we all know George Karl doesn't like short point guards.
George Karl is an idiot

The kid has talent there's no doubt but he isn't gonna be nothing to turn the team around. His 8 points and 3 assits a game aint going to be all that valuable. I agree bakking up Cassell. Overall, he is is a decent pick-up but not the answer were looking for by any means.
Yeah I think he played for Washington High School.....he had mad handles, and a decent jump shot...but that was against the kids on the playground....He is only 5'10'....Ronald Murray 6'3' would probably get the nod over him...
No he played for Rufus King (my school, lol). He should make the roster, no doubt.
You went to weak *** King...Marshall was best school Milwaukee had to offer, in terms of females..
WEAK????:laugh: I dont know about Marshalls females, more like she-males, lol! All I know is King is the best school in the state!
Yeah right, I bet u won't say that to anybody that goes to Marshall, u will get put in your place........
:rolleyes: Im 6'2 220. I dont think ppl at Marshall will do anything 2 me. Plus I got the General on my side. :laugh:
That don't mean nothin'.....Know if u said u were strapped up, then you would have somethin, but I'm only 6'0 155 and I know I don't have anything to worry I got the backing of them Purgolders!!:dead: :)
Purgolders or Generals? I''ll take:


I don't think so:confused:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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