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Wow. Look at these numbers from sagarin

The Midwest Division has half of the top 13 teams in the NBA.

Wolves 2nd
Spurs 4th
Mavs 5th
Rockets 8th
Grizz 9th
Nugz 10th
Jazz 13th

The Jazz at 24-24 would be 2nd in the Atlantic Division right now.

There are no teams with a losing record in the Midwest.

SOS numbers are:
Wolves 11th
Spurs 18th
Mavs 8th
Rockets 2nd
Grizz 4th
Nugz 17th
Jazz 5th

4 of the 5 All-Star Starters are from the Midwest.

As sorry as the Atlantic Division is the Midwest Division is that good.

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The Bulls??? Are you sure???

Well the Jazz are starting to fall. I think they are 4-6 in thier last 10.

Well I guess the Bulls must have out "UGLIED" the Jazz. Beat them at thier own game.

But the point still stands, and the MW Division still looks pretty awesome. It kinda surprised me when I started looking at the numbers.
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