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Midwest Division Predictions

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1) Dallas (58-24)* (1 game better)
2) San Antonio (52-30)* (6 games worse)
3) Houston (48-34)* (20 games better)
4) Minnesota (44-38)* (6 games worse)
5) Utah (40-42) (4 games worse)
6) Memphis (28-54) (5 games better)
7) Denver (17-65) (10 games worse)

* = Playoffs
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1. Dallas (55-27)
2. San Antonio (50-32)
3. Houston (48-34)
4. Utah (45-37)
5. Minnesota (43-39)
6. Memphis ( 38-44)
7. Denver (20-62)

Utah, Minnesota, and Memphis can all be interchanged....if Donyell Marshall leaves Utah, then they won't be 4......I put Minny at 5 cause of Billups leaving, I just dont think their team is that good.....
yeah, I love Memphis, and I think they will make the playoffs in a few years.....but our division is too good. I predicted them to win 38 games, that's pretty good, dont ya think? They, like Houston, have a VERY young nucleus and will be good in a few years....

You also forgot about Wesley Person, he can contribute.....I think they should trade Swift and Dickerson(as much as I love the guy) for a better SG, then they'd be set....
X Factor: why? That team has several good players, including Gasol who will be a star....Battier, JWill, Dickerson, Wright, Gooden are all decent at worst.....
Originally posted by Brick
i think 45+ wins for the rockets is a little over-ambitious even for a diehard rocket fan. look for them to improve to a 30-35 win team and in contention for the playoffs the year after.
so you're saying they'll improve by a whole 2-7 games over last year? If everyone stays healthy, they will win at least 40....Heck, we won 28 last year with our general out(we won what, like 2 games while he was out), our starting PF AND starting SF out for the year.....
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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