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That title could go in almost direction. Well, not in the direction of Vinny unexpectedly rewarding a young player like Thabo Sefalosha Joakim Noah Tyrus Thomas James Johnson Acie Law IV with continued play over a dead end like Larry Hughes Aaron Gray Andres Nocioni Jannero Pargo or Flip Murray, but still in lots of directions.

But details aside, the big something completely different is finally getting a win and breaking a 10 game skid. That Derrick Rose seems to be a difference-maker, huh? In your face jamaica876! And Noah's return, although shorter and off the bench, was pretty darn good too. Because his injury is one that often recurs, the most important news of the night might be KC's tweeting a Noah quote:

Noah: "My foot felt great. My lungs felt terrible."
More at the link at the top.
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