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Scarlett Black said:
I found it interesting that he talked about how he was a married man and that "stuff" didn't get to him. I felt a pang for his wife. The man disrespects his coach, he disrespects his teammates, he disrespects his fans. He's a selfish man. It can't be pleasant being married to that dude.

Could we trade him for a Dunkin donut and cup of coffee to someone?
Actually, I kind of think that she's got the better deal.

I like Miles, he's got some real talent. And I say that after desperately wanting him gone last year. But he's like any of us who would become bored at our job. He just doesn't care. Now if it were you or I, we'd still have to pay the bills so we'd either have to keep working hard or find a new job. Well, Miles doesn't have to do either. He's set for life. Why should he ever lift a finger again? He likes being married, he appears from his statements to love his wife and if he finds more enjoyment and pleasure in that, why would he expend any energy to make us happy by working hard playing b-ball?

One more reason there should be non-guaranteed contracts in the NBA (something the union will never allow)...
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