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Miller is gonna stay!

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Why should he go to Golden State or the Clippers?
He has a better future if he stays in Cleveland. Let me explain:
He plays the next season in Cleveland and should become an all-star. If he has enough of the Cavs after that season he can sign with any team that he wants as a FA...but I'm not sure he wants out then. Just keep in mind that the Cavs are gonna be weak, with or without Miller. So they have a great chance to get James. And if they get him, who would not stay and play together with the next Jordan?
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I'll play the devil's advocate and say that Miller stays in Cleveland. A little speculation never hurts...or does it? ;)
Originally posted by cashmoneymillionaire
I want Miller to go to the Clippers, because they will not sign him to a max contract which opens the door for him to sign with the Jazz in the future.
I love your circular reasoning there! Good one. Maybe others are employing that same reasoning.
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