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Miller is gonna stay!

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Why should he go to Golden State or the Clippers?
He has a better future if he stays in Cleveland. Let me explain:
He plays the next season in Cleveland and should become an all-star. If he has enough of the Cavs after that season he can sign with any team that he wants as a FA...but I'm not sure he wants out then. Just keep in mind that the Cavs are gonna be weak, with or without Miller. So they have a great chance to get James. And if they get him, who would not stay and play together with the next Jordan?
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I doubt Miller is staying. RealGM's top story is now Miller and Stith for Miles and Harold Jamison. Good bye, Dre.
Originally posted by TheRifleman
I'll play the devil's advocate and say that Miller stays in Cleveland. A little speculation never hurts...or does it? ;)
lol, in this case it does.;)
Originally posted by TheRifleman

I love your circular reasoning there! Good one. Maybe others are employing that same reasoning.
I think it'd be the same if he stayed in Cleveland. Miller doesn't want to be there...he'd definitely leave.
Originally posted by The X Factor
Now, why is James being called the next Jordan, and Kobe isn't? Hmmm...
Uhh, what does that have to do with Andre Miller? Please stay on topic!:upset:
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