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Miller to Pitt?

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So, are any of my X friends nervous (or gleeful) at the prospect of Sean Miller to Pitt, assuming Dixon makes it official and heads off to Arizona State? Hobbs may be interested, too, we hear, so feel free to weigh in GW fans.

And would Prosser, who turned down Pitt last time, resurface as a candidate? It's getting interesting.
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I'm interested to see how this plays out. I'm sick of losing a coach every 3 years, still I'm not sure if this will tell us very much. Can't blame Sean for being interested in this job above all others, but I'm hoping he hasn't shown enough yet to be a top-tier candidate. I think he's going to be a very good coach and would hate to lose him.

Fly, what's the deal with Pitt? I would think that would be a destination job for a good coach, but they seem to have a lot of turnover. Is there some kind of a problem there? I hope for our sake they get someone there for the long haul, and that it's not Sean.
Jamie Dixon was a fallback hire. It was getting late in the game, and when Prosser declined, the administration decided to stay the course and go cheap. He earns about $600,000 a year. By Big East standards, he's in the lower tier. He's been offered a new contract at substantially higher pay, but he's a West Coast guy (from California) and may just covet a move. It was similar with Howland, who wanted to go West (his roots) and, of course, UCLA came calling.

I think to keep someone here, Pitt has to open the purse strings. But the university has everything going for it -- a great new facility, excellent recruiting pipelines (though the local talent isn't much to speak about) and a first-rate city. It's a Big East power and next year will open the season ranked in to the Top 10. Anyone who accepts the job -- IF it really opens -- will have a gravy train ride, at least for a year.
Looks like Dixon is staying, hopefully for a long long time.
You exhale now Blue Dog.
Ha ha yes I am breathing again Mik. The whole league should breathe a sigh of relief, and hope we can keep Hobbs as well for another year or two.

I know coaching turnover is a fact of life in the A10, but it's much better if we can keep our guys for 5-7 years instead of 2-3.

X has done really well picking coaches, but sooner or later we'll probably make a mistake. Then maybe we're the next UMass or Fordham.

Or, God forbid, Dayton :biggrin:
Blue Dog said:
... Then maybe we're the next UMass or Fordham.

Or, God forbid, Dayton :biggrin:
It's not random...its the result of bad ADs. X has demonstrated that that is not a problem at X.
Blue Dog said:
The whole league should breathe a sigh of relief

ah yes the god complex
If Miller does leave X, perhaps you guys can hire Jimmy Kimmel and nobody will notice the difference.
ktabz16 said:
ah yes the god complex
No just the 'what's good for any a10 school is good for the whole league' complex. Kinda like when we were all glad to see Lappas and Nee go.
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