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First off, NY will never have cap room to sign free agents. That's why we're so big on mid-level exceptions. That's all we've got...and trading away Camby and Spree won't help the cap relief cause.

Why would Houston take Camby who like you said is frequently injured...He'd just get even more beaten up in the tough West. Shoot, Camby in the West could get hurt and be out for the year even before pre-season ends.

As much as I would LOVE for the Knicks to rebuild, we all know that there's a 99.9% chance that it won't happen. Not a dumb idea in the least...I know though that we're all just looking at a pipe dream.

On Houston's side, once Camby goes down, Cato slides back in as the C but then where's the depth? Houston would have trouble again with the *****y Rice not starting. They won't stir up trouble when they can just take their 1st pick and just walk away. If they do trade, it might just be down to #3. Who knows.
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