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21 years old 6-8 shooting guard from Yugoslavia

Averaged 17.4 points and 54% shooting. He is coming over now and has a 12 team workout scheduled for the next 14 days. His agent predicts he should go between 19-26 in the first round. Could become a player in the league should he learn defense.

Grew up in Mornar (Yugoslavia), since the 1997-98 season he's been a member of KK FMP Zeleznik (Yugoslavia).

Played the 1998-99, 1999-00 and 2000-01 Yugoslav All Star Game. As a member of the Yugoslav National Team he played the 1997 European Championship for Cadets (gold medal) and the 1999 World University Games.

Has a great structure with a strong upper body, broad shoulders and an impressive wingspan.........tall, he's quicker and faster than most players of his size.........has an excellent change of pace and uses it quite well.........very good on the break, he runs the floor well and can finish.........good ball handler, right handed, he often prefers to penetrate on his left.........jumps and has a quick and high release that makes his shot almost unstoppable.........has good passing skills but not under defensive pressure.........has size and knows how to use it playing down low, but he must be more persistent fighting for the position.........once he gets the ball with his back to the basket, he makes good decisions, has vision to pass and ability to score.........needs to work on his shooting skills, from the three-point range and off dribble.........lacks some without the ball game but always shows great self-confidence.........not a defender at all, it looks like he doesn't really care for it, somebody else will do that for him.........the problem is definitely his attitude because he has quickness, size and long arms to get the job done.........average rebounder........has great offensive talent and all-around skills, is a finisher and a player who, with a little bit of defense, will have a bright future at top level.

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Originally posted by Shaqs big toe
Sw him play vs Australia in a 'friendly' match that was anything but friendly. Quite good hands for a big guy, made some deft passes
Prett sure he played PF in that game. Maybe it was an experiment???
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