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Top 1-2 Combos in MLB

10. Alexi Ogando and CJ Wilson
Much like CJ Wilson Alexi Ogando is another reliever turned into starter. He has really come out of nowhere to top what CJ Wilson did when he became a starter. I doubt he can sustain his current level of play but I count discount what he is doing right now. CJ Wilson he developed into the ace of the Rangers staff. I wouldn’t rank him among the top 25 pitchers in all of baseball but he is a very consistent pitcher who mainly just gets the job done.

9. Gio Gonzalez and Trevor Cahill
Gio Gonzalez has reached his potential. He is having an amazing season so far and looks to continue his progress from last season. Cahill has really developed into a very good pitcher. Oakland would be higher on this list is Brett Anderson could stay healthy. I still think he is their best pitcher when everything is even and is their default ace but the problem is that he can’t stay healthy which is why he isn’t on the list.

8. Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer
Max Scherzer is an improving pitcher no doubt about it, but at this point I would rank him 19 out of these 20 pitchers. Justin Verlander is so good that he almost alone gets them on this list. Verlander is a top 5 pitcher in all of baseball; He throws 100 mph and sustains it all the way into the 9th inning. When he threw his no hitter earlier this season in the 9th inning he was still hitting 100 mph I’m willing to bet he is the only pitcher in all of baseball who can do that.

7. Tommy Hansen and Jair Jurrjens
Tommy Hansen has been the Ace he was supposed to be as a prospect ever since he was called up to the big leagues. At 24 years old he is still improving and is showing that he is durable along with being a great pitcher. Jair Jurrjens is just blowing everyone away right now. He is leading the world right now with a 1.82 ERA, which is Pedro like right there. Jair is not a big strikeout pitcher and he is an injury risk which holds this duo back a little but as of right now he is pitching out of his mind and if this continues all season which I doubt he will challenge Roy Halladay for the Cy Young this season which no one would of guessed before the season.

6. Jered Weaver and Dan Haren
Jered Weaver has really turned into a surefire ace over the years. When he first came into the majors I wasn’t sold, I could tell he was better than he brother but he didn’t seem to improving after his first couple of seasons. He has really started to put it all together and now is one of the best strikeout artists in all of baseball leading the American League in 2010. Dan Haren came over from the Arizona Diamondbacks during last season. He has adjusted really well to the American League and seemed to shake off his 2nd half of the season woes and not have a drop off.

5. James Shields and David Price
These two pitchers are at very different stages of the careers. James Shields was horrid in 2010 with an ERA over 5.00 and a Whip of almost 1.50. Almost anyone looking at those stats would not understand how he has really turned it around. This season his ERA is at 2.85 ERA and a Whip of 1.07. These dramatic changes can somewhat be contributed to him mixing up his pitches a lot more and working on his controls. David Price is continuing his emergence as one of the game’s best starting pitchers. Ever since he was drafted he has performed and he is one of the top left handed pitchers in all of baseball. Price’s control has really improved and he has improved his Whip to 1.04 which is a better than his great 2010 season and is 12th in all of baseball right now.

4. Josh Beckett and Jon Lester
Josh Beckett is having an amazing bounce back season. Coming off his worst season of his great career Beckett has dramatically improved his statistics. He has stayed healthy and has almost a sub 2.00 ERA, as of June 14, 2011 he is leading the American League in ERA. Jon Lester to me is the Ace of the Red Sox staff. He is the most consistent of their starters and an extremely dominate left handed starter. In 2010 he was 3rd in strikeouts and 5th in WAR and 5th in WAR in 2009 as well.

3. Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain
Coming off a World Series win it’s hard to not put this duo at the top spot, but considering the other two duos weren’t together last season and they’re the ones with the ring it’s not a bad spot to be. Tim Lincecum has been amazing ever since he reached the major in 2007. Tim is clearly the ace but Matt Cain is no slouch himself, there are pitchers above them with better stats this season and overall, but in the clutch this duo gets the job done almost better than anyone. Both pitchers are 26 years old and are likely to stay in San Francisco for a long time and can challenge for more world series titles in the future as long as the Giants get some decent hitters.

2. Felix Hernandez and Michael Pineda
As a Mariner homer I really wanted to put this combo as the top dog. If you don’t think Roy Halladay is the best pitcher in baseball your next most likely choice is going to be Felix Hernandez. Hernandez won the AL Cy Young last year with an amazing season, he was the first person to really breakthrough and win the Cy young without a overpowering win loss record. Pineda has really exploded onto the scene this year with a Rookie of the year type season. He has a better ERA than Hernandez right now and a nearly identical K/9 rate. These two aces are 25 and 22 so there going to be on this list for a long time as long as the Mariners can keep them.

1. Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee
Roy is the best pitcher in baseball and Cliff isn’t far behind, as of right now they are 1 and 2 in strikeouts which is just a simple example of their combined dominance. The Phillies staff is pretty stacked, Cole Hamels is really good as well and Roy Oswalt is not a bad 4th starter as well, even if one of the top 2 gets injured this is the only combo that would remain in my top 5 because the team’s depth is so outrageous.

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Bad list. You either go with the top 1-2 today, or the top 1-2 you'd like to have going forward. Can't combine the two. Felix isn't even having a Cy Young worthy season this year, so the Mariners can't be that high.

The Angels and Braves duos are both having better seasons than the Ms.
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