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1- Rockets- Yao Ming- Rockets need a C, Ming is one....its lik brain surgery, no wait, it isn't.

2- Bulls- Jay Williams- Again, this is pretty much set in stone.

3- Warriors- Mike Dunleavy- They recruited him, well not recruited, but "visited" him and came away happy....Meaning they want him.

4- Memphis- Barring a trade, Gooden. In the West, size is everything. Gooden is ready to contribute now and can guard opposing PF's while Gasol could guard the 3's....Gooden could also come off the bench, if Swift starts

5- Denver- Nickoloz Tskitishvili- They will draft on potential, according to Nugz GM. He has a ton of potential and rumored to be next Dirk Nowitzki.

6- Cavs- Caron Butler- They will draft someone ready. Wilcox will get a strong look here, but Butler/Davuis/Miller is a good 1-2-3 punch. They should sign Andre to an extension IMO.

7- Knicks- Chris Wilcox- They have said that Wilcox wouldn't fall pass them, and god knows they need frontcourt help.

8- Clippers- Dajaun Wagner- I am torn between him or Hilario, but the Clipz could get Borcardt at 12, and Wagner would solidify the PG spot, incase Dooling doesn't turn out and McInnis leaves(as expected).

9- Suns- Maybyner Hilario- They have also said they Hilario was around, he wouldnt fall pass them. They could use a big PF, who can crash the boards.

10- Heat- Jared Jeffries- Riley is a defensive-minded coach. Woods hasn't shown scouts that he's interested in defense(there was a scout comment on that). Jeffries is a good defender, and Riley likes him.

11- Wizards-Qyntel Woods- They want a tall SF to go against the Harrington's, KG's, etc. Woods will be coached bythe greatest player ever(MJ). Woods/Brown/Haywood, given a few years, could be a great frontcourt.

12- Clippers- Amare Stoudemire- This is an insurance in case contract talks go sour with Kandi. Stoudemire can backup the C and PF spots. He is in the mold of Ben Wallace- won't Clipz fans be dissapointed :grinning:

13- Bucks- Curtis Borchardt- He gives them a legit C who can play D, and has a nice outside shot. Now Milwaukee has a decent player in the post.

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Originally posted by HEATLUNATIC
U think the Cavs and Clipps would BOTH pass on Hilario/Stoudemire?

Also the Heat WILL take Woods!:yes:
Heat will take

And the Cavs are more interested in Wilcox than Stoudemire/Hilario.

2ndly- I am torn between the Clipz taking Hilario at 8 or Wags. Wags has a ton of potential too, and people seem to forget that. I dunno who will go at 8...thats the toughest pick IMO, as it causes so many other dominoes to fall, so to speak.
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